Our Grandchildren

My wife and I are blessed with five grand kids.  Two are African American, and three are Caucasian.  When our oldest, Luke (white), first saw his cousin, Chuck (black), he looked down his shirt and innocently asked: “Is he that color all over?”  Yes he is.  Luke was innocently curious about differences, without a hint of partiality or exclusivity.  What happened next and has happened ever since?  They love to play together.  They love each other.

Go to a Local Park

We have taken our grandchildren to many parks around the Austin area.  We also go just the two of us sometimes to walk around or sit and talk on a nice day.  Two of our favorites are Shipe Neighborhood Park, a sentimental favorite from our dating days, and Ramsey Neighborhood Park.  Inevitably, we see children of all colors and ethnicity inventing games and simply playing together.  With our family diversity, we enjoy such camaraderie all of the time.

Bigotry and Racism are Acquired Evils

Our grand kids and other children express a natural curiosity and inclusiveness.  In contrast, hatred and oppression are chosen habit-forming evils that leaders in powerful or other influential positions often teach and portray.  They are also ingrained in wayward cultures bent on extreme tribalism and imagined superiority.

What Did Jesus Teach?

In response to some of Jesus’ followers “sternly” telling others not to bring children to him, he said that “the kingdom of God belongs” to children.  Further, Jesus taught that “whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will never enter it” (Mark 10:13-15).  Instead of perceiving children as getting in the way of more important adult matters, Jesus delighted in them as behavioral models of love.  How we perceive and interact with others who are different is all a matter of choice.  We can change our attitude at any time regardless of negative influences.  Although transformation might be difficult, if we need some practical help, consider going to a local park and learning from the children.